Clary’s Family

Clary’s Immediate Family
Lyrus, baby brother, almost 1 year
Elspeth, younger sister, 10 years
Sophie, mother
Tiber, father

Clary’s Extended Family
These adult cousins often join Clary’s mother and father in the evenings to eat together, talk, and play musical instruments.
Maury, second cousin (mother’s first cousin)
Mirren, wife to Maury
Theosia, second cousin (mother’s first cousin)
Vernon, husband to Theosia
Genevieve, second cousin (mother’s first cousin)

More Distant Kin
Clary and her immediate family see Arteme only a few times a year. Clary has never met either of her great aunts.
Jennifry, great aunt
Kasharan, great aunt
Arteme ni Calcinides, second cousin, local Justicar of the Peace
Emmeline, wife to Arteme