Rainbow’s Lodestone

portrait of the rainbowOn a whim, the rainbow’s child falls to earth, where a cruel adversary takes advantage of her innocence. Bereft of her thunder-swept heavens, she dwindles. The sky calls to her, but she cannot answer.

This transcendent short story set in the troll-ridden North-lands explores how inner freedom creates outer opportunities.

Earth trumps heaven until ancient music plays.


Rainbow’s Lodestone is available as an ebook.
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Rainbow’s Lodestone is available as a paperback.
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“Rainbow’s Lodestone” is one of the seven stories included in the collection A Knot of Trolls.


“…almost “Tolkienesque”…the stories feel like they’re happening on the Earth we know, but long before our recorded history… Despite the fact that it deals with a grim act of mischief, [Rainbow’s Lodestone is] a delightful read. The enchanting thing about it is the personification of the Rainbow, and the general attitude she has towards her fate in the story… All in all, these are wonderful stories… Ney-Grimm’s unique blend of Nordic fantasy and fairy tale mentality is a refreshing take on the genre, and [her] poetic style of writing (whichever tone she uses) adds a special sheen to the work. I read a lot of fiction, and I can honestly say I’ve not come across anything quite like this.” – James J. Parsons, Speaking to the Eyes

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