North-lands Maps

map of AuberonSilmaren, Auberon, Erice, and Fiorish are all sovereign nations independent of the empire of Giralliya. Pavelle was recently annexed by Giralliya. Hathorlynd, Cambers, Solmondy, and Istria are cantons within the Giralliyan empire. Bazinthiad is Giralliya’s
capital city.






Ringestad, in the province of Hamrask, is Silmaren’s capital. The land is gentle and rolling, the soil fertile and suitable for farming. As one travels north, the climate grows more severe. Lingevall features fewer fields of rye or flax, more orchards and pastures. Feldholm is exclusively a land of shepherds, while only trappers frequent Mersstrand. Gosstrand is also sparsely populated, with a thin sprinkling of fishing and timber villages.



Auberon’s capital city, Caranda, is located in Grenold, the demesne with the richest farmland and densest population. Stonnor is a wild country of moorland and sheep. Ransea is hilly, favored with berry bushes, and punctuated by quarries. Tardleigh is marshland with many coastal fishing communities. Eranfell is a mining city in the foothills of the Rivenpeaks.

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