The summer months honor Sias, the Divine Mother, and her great labor to birth the world. All the other months (except Janary) honor the Mother’s handmaidens.

Month       Long Name      Namesake       Season
Janary              –                  Saint Jaen         winter
Falnary        Fallonary           Fallon            winter
Nerich              –                     Neris             late winter, early spring
Thyril          Thyaril               Thiya             spring
Ponce               –               Sias Pensive        spring
Joiesse             –                 Sias Joyful         late spring, early summer
Labra         Labresse       Sias Laboring       summer
Jube           Jubiante         Sias Jubilant        summer
Sanember        –                     Sarog             late summer, early autumn
Ionber          Ionaber              Iona               autumn
Noulember       –                    Noula            autumn
Bricember        –                    Bricia             late autumn, early winter

The Handmaidens of Sias

Different cultures in the north-lands possess different names for the handmaidens and hold their own varying conceptions of their natures. The short list below serves as a brief introduction.

Fallon – The wanderer, especially revered by seafarers. Alternate names: Falnan, Falnon, Faran, Fallonne.

Neris – The soul of grace. Alternate names: Nissa, Nissand, Nisseyn, Nelice.

Thiya – The embodiment of logic and intellect. Worship of Thiya has supplanted reverence for Sias in Auberon. The Auberonese regard Thiya as male and name him Teyo. Alternate names: Theony, Theon (m), Thiyaude (m).

Sarog – The giver of gifts. Alternate names: Sabel, Sagony, Belaine, Sabelle.

Ionan – The seat of wisdom. The people of the island nation Firorish revere Ionan in place of Sias, while the denizens of Erice worship Ionog and Theon as twin deities. Alternate names: Iona, Ionog, Iona, Ionne.

Noula – The embodiment of bounty. Alternate names: Noulan, Nouleth, Nalia, Noelle.

Bricia – The spirit of strength. Alternate names: Bree, Briony, Breter (m), Brianna, Berisa, Barris (m).

Euna – The soul of happiness. Alternate names: Eunan, Euneyn, Eran, Emoirie.

Zele – The embodiment of light and speech. Alternate names: Zelly, Zeline, Zaryl, Zelle.

The mother goddess herself – Sias – also attracts many names and varying beliefs about her. The people of Firish call her Saiss. Those of Erice say Syessa. The denizens of Auberon and Pavelle regard her as “the mother of god” and use Essey and Sace, respectively.
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