Lodestone Tales

In the years that came before the ancient days of the North-lands, a brilliant inventor fabricated the lodestones – powerful artifacts that concentrate magical force.

And while men and women walk the earth but a short while, the lodestones persist through centuries and millennia. When they fall into the hands of mortals, history changes.

Follow the lodestones down through the ages as adventure follows adventure, and ordinary folk rise to do extraordinary deeds.


navarys-2ed-cov-150-pxSkies of Navarys

When the king’s geomancer announces that a tidal wave threatens Navarys – the Atlantis of the North-lands – every citizen on the island springs to action. Amidst the uproar, the aeromancer Palujon steals unique and magical lodestones.

Mago, son of the lodestones’ creator, vows to retrieve his father’s precious artifacts. But Mago’s friend Liliyah questions Palujon’s motives.

Why would a man of his stature break the law? Is he truly a dastard? Life and death hang on her answers.

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Skies of Navarys is available as a trade paperback.
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The Tally Master

Seven years ago, reeling from a curse in the wake of battle, Gael sought sanctuary and found it in a most perilous place. But the citadel of a troll warlord—haunt of the desperate and violent—proves a harsh refuge for a civilized mage.

Set in the Bronze Age of J.M. Ney-Grimm’s North-lands, The Tally Master brings mystery and secrets to epic fantasy in a suspenseful tale of betrayal and redemption.

Coming soon!


thumbnail imageResonant Bronze

The warriors of Torbellai brought back a prize in the night, and young Paitra wants to see it. Even hidden away in the armory, the artifact changed the whole mood of their mountain citadel from dread foreboding to hope. But the warlord hid the fighters’ plunder for good reason. Forged by trolls and radiating magic, it presents grave risk to any who approach it. Will Paitra survive his curiosity?

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thumbnail sizeRainbow’s Lodestone

A lost birthright and unending agony. On a whim, the rainbow’s child falls to earth, where a cruel adversary takes advantage of her innocence. This transcendent story explores how inner freedom creates outer opportunities.

Earth trumps heaven until ancient music plays.

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thumbnail sizeStar-drake

Gefnen – herald to Koschey the Deathless – hunts life. When the piercing scent of youth tingles his senses, Gefnen focuses his chase. The prey – a boy – lacks guardians strong enough to best a troll. But other seekers tilt the chances in this game. Spirit of storm, poignant memories, and something more ancient than memory or wind shape looming tumult. Gefnen hunts victory, but a darker victory hunts him.

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Just as readers continue to argue about the proper order for reading C.S. Lewis’ Chronicles of Narnia – the order they were written? or their chronology within the history of Narnia? – my readers will likely disagree about the order in which the Lodestone Tales might be best read. 😀

Their chronology within my North-lands is this:
Skies of Navarys
The Tally Master
Resonant Bronze
Rainbow’s Lodestone

The order in which they were written:
Rainbow’s Lodestone
Resonant Bronze
Skies of Navarys
The Tally Master

My recommendation? Pick whichever story appeals to you most and read that one!

I have six more books planned for the saga of the lodestones! I’ll email you when they release, if you’ve signed up for my newsletter. 😀

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