The World of A Talisman Arcane

A Talisman Arcane takes place in a charming, nineteenth-century town with cobblestone streets and old-fashioned brick houses.

Young Lealle, Talisman’s heroine, lives in a medieval castle, while her new acquaintance Ohtavie occupies a town mansion.

I’ve written a number of blog posts about Lealle’s and Ohtavie’s world.

The links below will take you to my visions for the town of Claireau, the Tour Nileau, and other spots, as well as vignettes from the culture of the tiny country of Pavelle.

Tour Nileau
The Historical Tour Nileau
The Living Tour Nileau
The Dreaming Tour Nileau
Justice in Lealle’s World
Ohtavie’s Home
Claireau’s Retreat House

Lealle is learning a form of magic involving the manipulation of energea, an inner energy invisible to outward eyes.

The patterns of the energea determine its effects in the world. I’ve drawn some of these patterns, because I find them beautiful. The designs actually came first, giving birth to the story after I’d drawn a few. Here are the links:

Nest of the Phoenix (Story for My Coloring Book)
Flight of the Phoenix (Page for a Coloring Book)
Wing-clap of the Phoenix