Families in Troll-magic

Lorelin’s Family in Troll-magic
Inge, motter
Arek, patter
Irisa (‘Risa), sister, 15 years
Kion (Kiy), brother, 13 years
Hew (Hews), brother, 11 years
Ivas (Ive), brother, 9 years
Lilli (Lil), sister, 7 years
Hazel (Zelli), sister, 5 years
Vallany (Vani), sister, 3 years
Alix (Lixi), brother, infant

Helaina’s Family in Troll-magic
Reice, husband
Cecily, daughter, 11 years
Bazel, son, 10 years
Holly, daughter, 8 years
Galen, son, 5 years
Phoebe, daughter, 3 years
Dacie, nurse
Tryne, governess

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