Families in Troll-magic

Lorelin, the 17-year-old protagonist of Troll-magic, comes from a large family. In addition to her parents, she’s got 8 brothers and sisters!

As the eldest, Lorelin must help her mother quite a bit. Family chores are an ordinary and expected part of her culture, but she is generally willing to do the work. It’s only when chores interfere with her flute playing (which she loves) that trouble arises.

Lorelin’s Family in Troll-magic
Inge, motter
Arek, patter
Irisa (‘Risa), sister, 15 years
Kion (Kiy), brother, 13 years
Hew (Hews), brother, 11 years
Ivas (Ive), brother, 9 years
Lilli (Lil), sister, 7 years
Hazel (Zelli), sister, 5 years
Vallany (Vani), sister, 3 years
Alix (Lixi), brother, infant

Lorelin only encounters Helaina later in the story, but the reader enters Helaina’s point view much earlier.

Helaina is an herbalist who’s been trapped by a fringe of the same curse that holds Kellor in bear form. Helaina misses her husband and her chldren and worries for their well-being. She is determined to escape her imprisonment and return to them.

Helaina’s Family in Troll-magic
Reice, husband
Cecily, daughter, 11 years
Bazel, son, 10 years
Holly, daughter, 8 years
Galen, son, 5 years
Phoebe, daughter, 3 years
Dacie, nurse
Tryne, governess

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