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Many of my stories form rough series, but each book stands alone and may be read on its own. Nor must you read them in any particular order.

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Perilous Chance
The Troll’s Belt
Hunting Wild
Tales of Old Giralliya
A Knot of Trolls

Sarvet’s Wanderyar
Crossing the Naiad
Livli’s Gift
Winter Glory
Sarvet & Livli

Skies of Navarys
The Tally Master
Sovereign Night
Resonant Bronze
Rainbow’s Lodestone
A Talisman Arcane

North-lands Stories, the Kaunis Clan Saga, and Lodestone Tales all take place in my North-lands.

Mythic Tales transpire in a variety of settings, from the ancient Mediterranean to the celestial spheres.

Blood Silver
Caught in Amber
Devouring Light
Fate’s Door
The Hunt of the Unicorn
Quantum Zoo
Serpent’s Foe


Lodestone Tale books



Most—but not all—of my stories transpire in my North-lands.
And the North-lands possess a history.

Which means that one story might be set in the Bronze Age of the North-lands, while another takes place in the Steam Age. You can see a timeline here, if you wish.

Some of my stories do hang together, and I’ve labeled them to make that clear. If something like LODESTONE III appears on the book’s web page under its title, then it’s one of the Lodestone Tales.

Or if you see KAUNIS CLAN I, then it involves a member of Hammarleeding Kaunis-clan. And so on.

But it’s not necessary to follow the historical chronology when you read my books. Even the stories that form a rough series are meant to read on their own. Truly!

I urge you to simply choose the story that appeals to you most and read that one.

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