A Talisman Arcane

Ohtavie de Bellay craves safety. Craves obscurity.

She seeks solitude and secrecy and shadows. Because only hiding holds death at bay.

But Ohtavie fears that all her care–decades of prudence–won’t be enough. No, she knows it won’t save her.

One day an angry mob will come to drag her forth from her long retreat and stone her. Or pinion her within her refuge and burn it down around her. Or, worst of all, summon the executioner who will hold her unmoving with his enigmatic magic, while his great axe parts her head from her living body with brutal precision.

So Ohtavie lurks and hides and fights her fears alone.

Until that one day arrives, bringing . . . no mob, no stones, no flames, and no axe.

Just one sweet-faced girl named Lealle, who threatens Ohtavie with something more perilous still.

A heartwarming story of quiet courage and fortitude set in the richly imagined and deftly drawn North-lands.

Coming March 5!