Livli's Gift, 200 pxIn Kaunis-spa′s magical spring, Livli achieves spectacular cures. A pioneer, she hopes to match new ways for healing with new ways of living. But the Kaunis-sisters fear rapid change. While Livli pushes forward the new, one influential foe pushes back. Home will keep its ancient customs, even if Livli loses everything. Must surrender spell defeat? Or could letting go harness real power?

A Kaunis Clan adventure of cultural conflict with personal stakes. Very personal stakes.

Livli’s Gift is available as an ebook.
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Livli’s Gift is available as a trade paperback.
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Glory web cover 200Caught in a cold and snow-shrouded wilderness, far from home, Ivvar confronts the woman he once cherished and an ancient scourge of the chilly woodlands in a complicated dance of love and death. Ivvar’s second chance at happiness – and his life – hang in the balance.

A Kaunis Clan adventure featuring Livli’s grandfather. With everything on the line.

Winter Glory is available as an ebook. Amazon
Winter Glory is available as a trade paperback.
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Book Cover for Fate’s Door

Last month, when I shared my step-by-step process for creating the book cover for my novel Fate’s Door, I concluded by saying that I was not quite satisfied with the gold texture that appeared in the title and byline.

Since that post, I’ve found a texture I love. Take a look!

Fate ebook cover 600 px

If you’d like to see the full account of my search for the right gold, read the Edited to Add section at the very bottom of the post: Building Fate’s Cover.


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