Hammarleeding Fete-days

The Hammarleedings enjoy a roster of celebratory days.

In the years of Paiam’s girlhood, men in the brother-lodges joined the women in the sister-lodges on only three of these fete-days: Long-dark, Other-joy, and Mother’s Bounty.

By the time Paiam’s daughter Sarvet was a teen, the brothers of Tukeva-lodge came to Kaunis-lodge more often. And when Sarvet’s daughter Livli reached adulthood, it was customary for the brothers to join the sisters for every celebration except First-light.

Each lodge celebrates Lodge-day on the day of its own founding, so the timing of that fete-day varies. A few of the lodges have added their own unique celebrations to the roster, but the revels they have in common are as follows.

First-light (Bricember): celebrates the lengthening of the days on this first day after the winter solstice

Other-joy (Falnary): celebrates the otherness of men as perceived by women, and the otherness of women as perceived by men; linking rites are performed on Other-joy

Spring Evener (Nerish): celebrates the spring equinox

Birth-joy (Thyril): celebrates new life as evidenced by the spring and by the growing children of Kaunis-clan

Long-light (Joiesse): celebrates the summer solstice

Lodge-day (Labresse): celebrates the founding of Kaunis-lodge

Mother’s Bounty (Jube): celebrates the births of the babies conceived on Other-joy

Fall Evener (Sanember): celebrates the autumn equinox

Death-joy (Ionaber): both mocks and mourns the presence of death within life

Giving-day (Noulember): a day of thanksgiving; gifts are exchanged by friends and kin

Long-dark (Bricember): celebrates the winter solstice and defies the darkness; young children receive gifts from their older kin

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