When I reached the last page of J.R.R. Tolkien’s Lord of the Rings, I dove into the appendices. Anytime C.J. Cherryh includes notes at the end of a Foreigner adventure, I read them. If someone would create an atlas of Lois Bujold’s Chalion, I would buy it instantly!

When I enjoy a story, I often want to know more about its world.

These Lore pages of my website are for readers like me, who want to know more. I’ll continue to add to them as time goes by. Enjoy! 😀

North-lands Lore
North-lands Maps
Magic in the North-lands
Magic in Silmaren
Radices and Arcs
A Great Birthing
North-lands Timeline

North-lands Legends
Legend of the Beggar’s Son
Ravessa’s Ride
The Thricely Odd Troll
The Old Armory: Blood Falchion
The Old Armory: Hunting Wild

The World of Blood Silver
Origin of Blood Silver (The State of This Writer)
Wielding the Long Sword
A Song of Peace
What If the Sword Is Wrong?
Rope Climbing and a Cliff
The Strike of Wrath
Which Cover to Choose?
The Joust
The Crooked Strike
Which Title to Choose?
The Cross Strike, Squinting Strike, and Scalp Strike
Plate Armor, How It Works

The World of Troll-magic
Who’s Who in Troll-magic
Families in Troll-magic
Bazinthiad’s Fashions
Bazinthiad, A Quick Tour of the City
Magic in the North-lands
Magic in Silmaren
Radices and Arcs
Mandine’s Curse
The Suppressed Verses
Character Interview: Lorelin
The Accidental Herbalist
What Happened to Bazel?
Origin of Canning – Not What You’d Think!

The World of The Tally Master
Gael’s Tally Chamber in Belzetarn
Mapping Ancient Rome onto Belzetarn
What Does the Tally Master Tally?
Map of the North-lands in the Bronze Age
The Fortress of Belzetarn
The Dark Tower
Belzetarn’s Smithies and Cellars
Belzetarn’s Formidable Entrance Gate
Belzetarn’s Treasures
Belzetarn’s Great Halls
Bronze Age Swords
Brother Kings

The World of Perilous Chance
Clary’s Family
More About Clary’s Family
Justice in Auberon
Clary’s Cottage
Not Monday, But Lundy
Landscapes of Auberon
Photos of Home & Family

The World of Caught in Amber
Character Interview: Fae
Amber’s Suns
Amber’s Inspiration
A Castle That Might Be Amber

The World of Skies of Navarys
A Tour of Navarys
About Lodestones
From Navarys to Imsterfeldt

The World of Devouring Light
The Celestial Spheres of Sol
What Do Celestials Wear?
The Graces
Roman Dining
The Heliosphere
The Oort Cloud
Mercury the Planet
Draco the Dragon
The Simiae

The World of Fate’s Door
Fate’s Door: The Beginning
Knossos, Center of Minoan Culture
Horse Sandals and the 4th Century BC
Measurement in Ancient Greece
Garb of the Sea People
Merchant Ships of the Ancient Mediterranean
Lapadoússa, an Isle of Pelagie
Ground Looms
Calendar of the Ancient Mediterranean
Warships of the Ancient Mediterranean
Names in Ancient Greece
Vertical Looms
Eilidh and the Olympians (Update on Fate’s Door)
The Keltoi of Európi
Crossing the Danube
Lugh and the Lunasad
The Ancient Goths
Nerine’s Youngest Sister (Agnippe and Mount Helicon)
The Baltic Sea
The Norns of Fate’s Door
The Nine Muses of Antiquity (Agnippe and the Muses)
Cottage of the Norns
Brocade and Drawlooms
Hera’s Handmaidens (Eilidh’s Party)
Nerine’s Room
Mother Holle

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