Wild Garden

I’m looking at it right now. There’s nothing tame about it. It’s a wild tangle of green. Tendrils of new ivy, bright and clinging, sneaking everywhere. A feathery mass of periwinkle. Sprays of fern. Long, whippy weed things. And two gnarly maples rising out of the mass. The fairies should live here.

Periwinkle, ivy, and ferns beneath two maples

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4 thoughts on “Wild Garden

  1. Oh, that’s beautiful. I’m with you, I love a wild and lush garden. I can just smell the scent of dirt and living things there. Lovely. You’re really lucky, J. M.! 🙂

    • Thank you! I love any kind of garden, but the wilder sort – either wilderness or cottage – particularly please my fancy. I planted two rose bushes in another part of mine this June (golden yellow blooms on one, deep magenta on the other), but have rather neglected it since.

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