Wrapping with Cloth

Last year I shared my adventures wrapping gifts with bandannas. Bandannas remain part of my repertoire, as do purchased cloth bags and larger swatches of cloth that I give neat edges with pinking shears.

But all of those options stem from the Japanese furoshiki or “bath spread.”

They first came into use in the Nara Era to bundle one’s clothes while bathing in the public baths. The technique was borrowed by merchants as a convenient way to transport their wares. And then the furoshiki became a decorative covering for a gift.

Modern-day Japan is reviving the furoshiki.

This video shows two ways to tie a furoshiki. The first is new to me! I’m tempted to re-wrap some of my already wrapped presents, because it looks so cool. 😀


Here’s a few more furoshiki techniques.


And one more video:

Have fun with it!

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