5 New Books!

5 New Titles

I read about the Liliana Nirvana technique more than a year ago, in August 2014, on the blog of SF author Hugh Howey.

The technique is simply described: release 5 new books on the same day or one after the other with little delay in between. The idea is to boost your visibility to readers. Howey said this about it: “You hit bookstore shelves with a handful of titles at once, and they prop each other up. They direct attention toward each other. They amplify your signal.”

I decided to try it, and I’ve been working continuously toward my own 5-title release since that day.

Now – more than 14 months later – my 5 new stories are finally available on Amazon! I’m thrilled, because I hit a patch in the middle of my preparations when I began to wonder if I’d ever pull it off.

I’ve priced each title at 99 cents for release week to give my most assiduous readers a chance at a deal. I’ll raise the prices on the longer works when the initial spate of sales slows.

Here they are for your reading pleasure. 😀

Hunting Wild200 pxYoung Remeya worships the forbidden horned god. A worship made taboo half a millennium ago. Performed still in secret by a few. Quietly tolerated by the king. Epic fantasy in which old beliefs and old loyalties clash with hidden magic in the Middle Ages of the god-touched North-lands.

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Serpent web cover 200Once she stalked the duat by Ra’s side, carrying his light in her eyes and battling the monsters that assailed them. Now, tormented by confusion and her own fury, she longs to regain the unique powers which – inexplicably – elude her in captivity. In this mythic tale of pride and revelation, a fight beyond death delivers one last chance at redemption.

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Glory web cover 200Caught in a cold and snow-shrouded wilderness, far from home, Ivvar confronts the woman he once cherished and an ancient scourge of the chilly woodlands in a complicated dance of love and death. Ivvar’s second chance at happiness – and his life – hang in the balance.

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Fate's Door, web cover 200Secrets, like troubles, come in threes. Nerine, a sea nymph of the ancient world, knows too much about both. Love and coming of age in a mythic Mediterranean where the gods and goddesses of old shape history.

Ebook at Amazon

Paperback coming soon!

Amber cover 200When young Fae awakens in a locked and deserted castle, she remembers nothing. Who she is, where she comes from, none of it. A mythic tale of family and betrayal told with all the twists and moments of sheer joy that belong in epic fantasy.

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4 thoughts on “5 New Books!

  1. I have my copies!

    For some reason my mind has focused on Winter Glory, from the first time I saw the cover, so I will start there.

    Maybe it’s because the story seems to be about the grownups – not just the young and beautiful kids. Ivvar sounds like someone I want to read about.

    Sorry I can’t try the universal link for you.

    • Ivvar sounds like someone I want to read about.

      Yay! I loved hanging out with Ivvar the whole time I was writing Winter Glory. Sometime in 2016 or 2017, I’ll read Winter Glory myself, just to experience the whole story again. I’m an author who enjoys reading my own work. I even have moments (this is silly) when I think, as a reader, darn! I wish I could write like that. Which is very strange, since I am the one who wrote it. Maybe there are benefits after all to having a terrible memory! 😀

  2. And a pleasure they are! I”m on Fate’s Door now. Delightful, and I’ve been recommending Winter Glory to all appropriate persons.

    • Dear Laura, you have done so much to boost my signal. It delights me that you enjoy my books, and I am profoundly appreciative that you tell so many readers about them. Thank you!

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