I have gone long past autumn
    The brilliance is fled
    Soft somberness cloaks me
         as I mourn


    The winter has not come yet
         to close down this inbetween interval


    I tread the shredded leaves underfoot
    Damp from yesterday’s rain, they do not rustle
    There should be weeping
         as I mourn


    But the season’s death is soft, weary;
         it drags and muffles, does not cut


    I stand beneath dark outstretched boughs
    Remembering another tree, flanked by two like it
    My heart weeps, but my eyes merely ache
         as I mourn


    The clarity of the distant sky has vanished,
         coming close to mingle with the soft air, removing hope


    Lost between my loss and an unknown future,
    I am alone and forsaken,
    Too weary to find my way
         as I mourn


In memory of my mother:
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