Newly Released! Sovereign Night

Join Gael and Keir on their hunt
for the lodestone…

My new novel, Sovereign Night, is out!

Something’s far wrong in Hantida.

Reavers comb the streets of the river city by night, crashing gauntleted fists on a residence gate or a workshop door, and taking . . . a child, a grandmother, or some sleeper who thought himself safe.

Gael and Keir—newly arrived in Hantida on a quest for healing—must penetrate the rotten core of secrets, intrigue, and conspiracy fueling the abductions.

Sovereign Night is the sequel to The Tally Master. If you’ve not yet read Tally, you can pick up a digital copy on sale for 99 cents. I’m discounting it for a week to celebrate Sovereign’s release.

Both books are available as ebooks and as trade paperbacks.
Global link to The Tally Master
Global link to Sovereign Night

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