Now Solo! The Hunt of the Unicorn

Nearly a year ago, my short story “The Hunt of the Unicorn” released in the bundle called Here Be Unicorns.

I promised that I’d also release it solo in a few months—maybe three or four. Then life intervened.

I had oral surgery, part 1 and part 2. My husband’s position at his workplace was eliminated. My children started the college application process, which proved to be much more demanding of the parents than I’d ever imagined. And, and, and. 😉

But now, at last, “The Hunt of the Unicorn” is available within its own cover—with amazing art from the 1500s—in both ebook and paperback form. I’m thrilled.

Go check the Look Inside! I think I’ve developed an unusual twist on the medieval fable of the unicorn. I’m curious what you’ll think.

Heal a wound. Purify poison. Reveal truth amidst falsehood.

He would be king one day, and called as king to be wise for his people. But wisdom—and kindness—no longer come to him.

Brychan, princess in a corner of a Wales that never was, requires a unicorn’s horn to mend what is broken within him.

The ancient fables speak of unicorn miracles, but if she finds the magical beast of fable, will the powers of his horn prove to be living truth? Or lying legend?