Livli’s Gift is Here!

art by Kay Nielsen depicting a queen in her gardenSome of you have watched a Twitter stream of plot teasers while I wrote Livli’s Gift. Some of you have followed my progress notes on Facebook. And some of you have simply waited patiently. But wait and watch no more. Livli’s Gift is finished and ready to be enjoyed!

Livli heals challenging injuries among the pilgrims to Kaunis-spa. Its magical hot spring gives her an edge, but Livli achieves spectacular cures mainly because she refuses to fail.

A pioneer, she hopes to match her new ways for banishing hurt with new ways of living.

But the sisters of Kaunis-lodge fear rapid change. What precious things might they lose while tossing old inconveniences?

Livli pushes forward the new, and one influential foe pushes back. Kaunis-home will keep its revered traditions, even if Livli loses almost everything.

Everything . . . and the one thing she absolutely cannot lose.

Livli seeks an answer in the oldest lore of her people, something so ancient, it′s new. But mere resolve against failure meets an immovable counter force this time. Victory requires more.

Must surrender spell defeat? Or could letting go harness real power?

Livli’s Gift is available as an ebook in electronic bookstores.
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For lovers of print, the trade paperback edition is coming this summer!