New Release! Devouring Light

I started this story with the idea it would go into an anthology of short stories – all with roots in a zoo theme.

In my mind, I labeled this story Star Circus, so it was a little off from the theme. But I was longing to tell it, so I figured: “Close enough!”

As I wrote, Star Circus veered further off course and got long, too long for the anthology.

Since I’d dreamed up another idea for my “zoo” story, which I was also aching to tell, I let this one, Devouring Light, have its way with me. All the way to its glorious conclusion.

And now it’s ready for you to enjoy! Devouring Light, in a bookseller near you! 😉

* * *

Can one small good deed offset ultimate destruction?

A goddess of ancient times under a volcanic sunMercurio stands watch over the first planet, guiding it through the perils of the void. Part messenger, part prankster, he cocks an eye for danger, but not from afar. Close to home lurks the real risk that his festival for Sol’s 25th anniversary will be a bust.

Failed negotiations with constellations and his fellow guardians send him to the brink of complete frustration…when a beautiful celestial wanderer fetches up at his domicile, seeking refuge.

Her form beguiles. Her mystery intrigues. And Mercurio’s fascination with his visitor poses yet another threat to Sol’s celebration.

Will Mercurio recognize his role as cat’s paw soon enough? Or will a looming menace – more lethal than any of the guardians imagine – threaten the solar system’s very existence?

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3 thoughts on “New Release! Devouring Light

  1. Pardon my asking, but how are these two plot points related?

    Will love’s ember kindle into a blaze? Or will a looming menace – more lethal than any of the guardians imagine – threaten the solar system’s very existence?

    Right now, I’m really not sure what the book is about or if it would interest me. Is it a solar system threat with a side of romance or a romance that could save the solar system? I like solar system threats with a side of romance, but not really into romances.

    • Sounds like I need to adjust my blurb! Thanks for sharing your reaction, Liana. Now I know I need to put my thinking cap back on.

      It’s a solar system threat with a side of romance. Although…”a side of romance” might be overstating the case. Romance is present, but Devouring Light is epic fantasy set in space. The romance is merely one element in the larger picture. Straight romance readers would undoubtedly give me loads of 1-star reviews. 😀 Of course, straight sci-fi fans might do the same! What was I thinking, when I embarked on a fantasy set in the Milky Way galaxy?

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