Sunlight Through Leaves

sunny-tree-300-pxWhenever I see sunlight shining through tree leaves or blades of grass, it seems magical: Nature’s stained glass windows.

As the year winds into autumn, I’ve been getting my morning sunlight on my front porch. The back deck, on the west side of my home, is perfect for the warm weather of summer. It’s shady and catches the least hint of breeze. In cool weather, that hint of breeze turns into gusts of wind, and the shadows chill. Thus my change of venue. 😀

The front yard is sheltered and sunny. On mild days – like today – the pocket of warmth means I can doff my hat and gloves! (I’ve been wearing a fingerless glove on my right hand, so that I can write in my journal while I’m outside.)

sunny-tree-2-300-pxThe trees across the street have been particularly beautiful, with the rising sun shining through them.