A Boatload of Covers

My participation in more than half a dozen story bundles brought a lot of cover design my way.

The More than Human bundle in August 2017 kicked off my journey, which wended through seven bundles (and counting) and on to a few covers for individual stories, some within bundles and some entirely independent of them.

I thought it would be fun to see the round dozen all in one place, so I’ve collected them into a sort of bulletin board below. Check it out!

Kinda cool, don’t ya think? 😀

Remembering Warriors I Immortals I Spring Surprise
Here Be Dragons I The Kitchen Imps I The Warrior’s Curse
Early Spaceports I Of Blood and Scales I Tales of Erana

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4 thoughts on “A Boatload of Covers

    • Thank you for the kind words, Alicia. I had a lot of fun creating them. Many possess media banners that I made to match. Perhaps I should do a blog post featuring those as well.

  1. You are so good at this. It’s all very well to have the art, but the lettering and the font selection, the placement and I don’t even know what the rest is matter so much. I’ve seen covers with your input and without, and your eye makes a world of difference.

    Also, of course, I love what you did for my Early Spaceports with the Canaletto!

    • Back in my art directing days, one of my colleagues asserted that I had a “calibrated eyeball,” no doubt because I would often request that a line of text be moved up (or down, depending) by 1 point (which is 1/72 of an inch). 😉 Even now I make those kinds of tiny adjustments as I create my designs.

      The art you found for Early Spaceports is magnificent. It was a privilege to work with the painting from a genius of the past.

      Naturally, I’m super pleased that you like the result of my efforts.

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