Progress on a Work in Progress

It’s rather difficult to report on a book that does not yet have a title. How do I specify the book I mean?

The working title was To Thread the Labyrinth. When I completed my first draft, I thought I might drop the “To” and call it Thread the Labyrinth. (The story does feature a physical labyrinth, as well as a metaphysical one). But my second reader pointed out some cogent reasons why highlighting the labyrinth in the title might not be a good idea.

My next idea for the title was A Legacy Arcane, but my first reader found that overly dark, while my second reader felt that the legacy reference was too oblique.

My first reader then suggested Talisman’s Reach, and I liked it. I liked it a lot! So did my son and my daughter. I thought I had my title! But then it was pointed out to me that the talisman in my story is never once referred to by that word. So now I am cast into confusion again.

Be that as it may, I do have progress to report!

My first revision pass in September was the most extensive, following the excellent feedback I received from my first reader. My second revision pass in October caught some really important details pointed out by my equally excellent second reader.

This week I fixed all of the typos plus a few other telling specifics found by my superb proofreader.

The book is ready to enter the production process that will make it into both an ebook and a paperback!

But I need a title first.

::puts thinking cap back on:: 😀



8 thoughts on “Progress on a Work in Progress

    • I could, of course, insert a reference to the pendant as a talisman. But I feel like the story is complete and well done as is. I hate to mess with it just because I’m having title trouble.

    • Yes, pendant. Pendant’s Reach…um. No better than Necklace’s Reach, I think. That is, no. 😉

    • My second reader said she liked all the Labyrinth variants better than anything I’d come up with subsequently, but…I’ve rather gone off Labyrinth myself now.

      ::author tears hair:: 😉

    • I was just thinking about you today, and how you’ve successfully derived inspiration from poems for your titles. Clearly I should follow your example!

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