A…Not Exactly Sad Story

art by Kay Nielsen depicting a queen in her gardenThere I was: smack in the middle of revisions on Livli’s Gift.

Mahde had slung his arm across Livli’s shoulders. Thoivra glared at them both. It was tense.

Then my computer screen went black. The fan shut off.

Hmm. This had happened 3 days ago. Being no tech expert, I let the laptop cool — it was very warm — and pushed the on button.

No go.


Ah! Happiness and light! The hard drive started spinning. The screen came to life. And the start-up process moved forward. I was back in business, getting Livli ready for publication.

I worked all Wednesday and all Thursday. One more day, and the revisions would be complete! Friday was the day!

Indeed, it was.

Friday was the day the computer screen went black, and no amount of button-pushing would change it.

My local, friendly IT shop couldn’t fit me into their schedule until Monday, and that was that. I toted the laptop to their premises, left it, noted the hollow feeling in my middle — no computer! eek! — and went home to devote myself to family and neglected household chores.

Come Monday morning: no word.

Monday afternoon: still no word.

Monday evening: nothing all day.

What happened?

As it chanced, vacation, in-shop miscommunication, and an avalanche of other clients pushed me into limbo. They more than made it up to me when they caught their glitch, so no hard feelings, but the news on Tuesday was dire.

There would be no resurection for my electronic necessity.

I’d known for a while that a new computer lay in my future. I hadn’t planned on that future arriving quite so immediately, but . . . the time was now.

Mere minutes after the fateful phone call I was in the car on my way to the store. Half an hour after that, I was home with a new machine. And that evening I viewed the carcass of the old machine while the IT gentleman transferred my files from the old hard drive to the new . . . not hard drive. (The new computer has a solid state form of memory with no moving parts. Like a giant flash drive. Cool!)

While we waited for files to transfer, I received a gratis tour of my new possession along with tips on Time Machine and Roku, plus the downloading of the latest OpenOffice software. Thank you, Jeremiah! It was a much-needed education.

So, now I was all set, right?

Not exactly.

I was all set for finishing the Livli revisions. And I’ve done so. My readers are checking the manuscript now. I hope to publish soon!

B-u-t . . .

That was a jouncy 5 days there. Days when none of my work got touched (let alone done). And I’ve still got clean-up to do, software to purchase.

Which means . . . this sad story is my blog post for the week! Perhaps the title should be: We Are Techno-Dependant!