Phoenix Arisen

For those of you who read Locked in Mortal Combat, I have the happy . . . not ending, but next installment. I’ve solved both the problems chronicled last week and moved to new ones! (Which I trust I shall solve.) But let me tell you how I dug out of last week’s hole.

First the crying-scale problem. I learned that InDesign defines its links by specifying the folder in which the link resides. It doesn’t use some sort of “address” describing a precise location on the hard drive. Hope!

So . . . I put that wayward RTF file back in its origin folder, started up InDesign, and opened the Troll-magic file. Da da da dah! There it was! All formatting back just the way I’d left it before I parted the two files. Amazing!

The lesser problem? There are many different categories of fonts. True Type and Monotype and Adobe and Open Type and so on. The embellishments in my InDesign file were Open Type embellishments. Whereas the font I had moved into the font folder was a True Type font.

All I had to do was tell my file that I wanted it to change over all the Open Type embellishments to True Type embellishments. Font “seen” and problem solved.


While I was at it, I printed out a sample page and decided my 12 point type was too big! I tried 11 point. Still too big. Ditto 10 point. But 9.8 point was perfect. I changed my style definition to make the change and then went through reworking my page breaks. And the book is still beautiful, but a “mere” 470 pages. This is very good, because I can lower the price of the book for my readers. Yay!

I did mention that I’ve moved to the next set of problems. Namely that when I uploaded the file to CreateSpace, there are “issues.” I expect the wrestling to get ugly again. But I also expect to win! Eventually. And at least I’m into new territory.

I’ll keep you posted!