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Yesterday I created a Pinterest board for Quantum Zoo. It captures the feel of the stories in the collection so well, I want to share the images with you. You may, of course, click over to Pinterest here to see the board in all its glory. But I’m also posting the collage below. 😀 Enjoy!

Pin Board for Zoo

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Here’s a bit more about the images: which stories they’re associated with, who created them, and where they originated.

1 — Quantum Zoo‘s book cover, designed by J.M. Ney-Grimm
2 — “A King in Exile,” Lady in Violet, painting by Pál Szinyei Merse (1845-1920)
3 — Bridget McKenna, author of “A King in Exile”
4 — “A King in Exile,” Triceratops, German stamp 1976
5 — D.J. Gelner, author of “Echoes of Earth”
6 — “Echoes of Earth,” Alien Power, photo by Rooners Toy Photography
7 — “Demon Rising,” Zebra, painting by W.T. Benda, appeared on cover of Life, issue November 1922
8 — “Demon Rising,” Minotaur, painting by Synner
9 — “Your Day at the Zoo,” Fish, Aquarium de porte dorée, September 8, 2013, photo by Murielle
10 — Mosiac, repping Frances Stewart, author of “Your Day at the Zoo”: Mosaico de la Basilica di San Vitale en Rávena, photo by Lourdes Cardenal
11 — R.S. McCoy, author of “Demon Rising”
12 — “Serpent’s Foe,” Egypt Personified, painting by Farid Fidel
13 — J.M. Ney-Grimm, author of “Serpent’s Foe”
14 — A.C. Smyth, author of “Ignoble Deeds”
15 — “Ignoble Deeds,” Ghost, composite of two photos: Lights through the trees in the dark forest, photo by Joan Sorolla; Lady, circa 1905, photo of vintage photo by josefnovak33
16 — “Your Day at the Zoo,” Gorilla, photo by Tim Cummins
17 — “Playing Man,” Rainforest, photo by Ben Britten
18 — “Ignoble Deeds,” Zoo Entrance, photo by Anthony22
19 — “At Home in the Stars,” Pink Cadillac, photo by LuAnn Snawder Photography
20 — Scott Dyson, author of “Playing Man”
21 — Blue X, repping Sarah Stegall, author of “Bestiarum”, and expert on The X-files!
22 — Ken Furie, author of “The Most Dangerous Lies”
23 — “The Most Dangerous Lies,” Man Behind Bars, photo by Lachlan Hardy
24 — Chocolate Eggs, repping S.E. Batt, author of “At Home in the Stars”: photo by Tiia Monto
25 — “Playing Man,” Monorail, photo by by Joe Penniston
26 — “You’ll Be So Happy, My Dear,” Small Shop, photo by Kevin Oliver
27 — John Hindmarsh, author of “You’ll Be So Happy, My Dear”
28 — “Bestiarum,” Tiger, photo by Steve Wilson
29 — Octopus, repping Morgan Johnson, author of “Skipdrive,” photo by Morten Brekkevold
30 — “Skipdrive,” Leviathan, photo by Philcold, purchased from
31 — Holding up a heavy weight, 😉 Castle Vault, photo by Sam Belknap

Quantum Zoo I Amazon UK I Amazon DE I Amazon ES

To read excerpts from Quantum Zoo:
Serpent’s Foe
Demon Rising
Echoes of Earth
A King in Exile

For a list of the 12 stories in Quantum Zoo, click here.



2 thoughts on “Pin Board for Quantum Zoo

  1. Want: chocolate eggs, pink car, whale.

    Amazing how much you can focus on something with images. A pink car is not just a Volkswagen (Mexico was full of them – every other car was a VW – when I was growing up), but a specific pink Chevy (I’m hopeless with cars, unless there are two of them, and one is a VW bug).

    Another thing – Pinterest – I’ll have to learn one of these day. But not yet, not yet…

    • LOL! Myself? I’m longing for a triceratops, a minotaur, and an Egyptian goddess. 😀

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